Time zones

When you’re planning a meeting in Bitrix24, our calendar will now take every participant’s time zone into account and show it in the event menu. A really useful tool if your team is spread out across multiple time zones.

Available time slots

You can now set the date and time range of your availability (e.g., MON, WED, FRI, 9 to 12), as well as duration of each slot. This makes it easy for external users to pick an available time slot from your schedule.

Integration with email

When you receive an invitation via email with an iCal file, a new event will be created in your calendar automatically. Plus, now you can send the link to your open slots right in the email, where the participants can pick the one that suits them.

Mobile calendar

We’ve completely redesigned and reimagined the calendar in our mobile app, making it easy to navigate and use on a daily basis. Naturally, all of the new features (including time slots) are available there as well.

Time slots for multiple participants

When you’re setting up a meeting with an external user and a few other people from your company (e.g., client, sales manager, and legal specialist), our Calendar will take into consideration the available time slots of all participants.

New chat

Our chat has received a complete overhaul – from architecture to design and everything in between. The result is a sleek-looking team messenger with tons of new features for productive collaboration and communication.

Yours and yours only

Keep all your communication inside the company, in a secure and easy-to-use team messenger that’s designed for work.

Easy navigation

With a new sidebar, you can easily switch between your personal chats, Contact Center, and CoPilot. The updated chat menu gives you quick access to the chat files, participants, tasks, and more.

Effortless communication

Now you can pin messages and forward them from/to other chats, which makes it easier for various teams in your company to communicate with each other.

Mobile first

Since we created the new chat with a smartphone user in mind, mobile is where it really shines. Smooth navigation, sleek design, optimized voice messages and file uploading, reactions and emojis – it’s all here.

Full of emotions

With a new set of stickers, reactions, and emojis, you can easily express any emotion or simply share a funny GIF with your colleagues.

Flexible customization and tool selection

Tailor Bitrix24 to your business needs by disabling the tools you currently don’t need — e.g., inventory management, Scrum, or knowledge bases. As a result, you get a cleaner, customized version of Bitrix24 that has only the tools that you need — and nothing else.

Customizable main menu

Hide the menu items that you’re not planning to use for easier access to your favorite tools.

All-new Settings menu

We’ve reworked the main menu to make it easier to navigate and added more settings for you to customize your Bitrix24.

coming soon - Internal document signing

Sign internal documents with Bitrix24 account users using Bitrix24 Sign. Automate all HR processes from a single HR hub.

  • Sign via email
  • Sign via SMS
  • Sign via chat
  • Document vault

coming soon - CRM e-invoicing

Thanks to the integration with local providers, all the invoices you issue via Bitrix24 are now automatically registered online with your local tax authorities. This ensures compliance with the new legislation in certain countries and provides for a transparent online business.

  • Official integration with Storecove
  • Invoice data gets automatically sent to the tax authorities
  • Transparent tax payments
  • Fully compliant with your local tax legislation

BI Builder

Reports in Bitrix24 have been upgraded, improved, and optimized to the point where they can easily compete with major BI tools.

  • No need to connect Power BI or other third-party services
  • Editable reports
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Report templates: sales dynamics, sales structure, deal analysis, etc.
  • Custom templates available from partners and Bitrix24 Market

Mobile app

There’s so much more you can now do with your Bitrix24 mobile app – in addition to the chat, we have also improved the overall app performance, made it possible to launch automated workflows, and added a dark theme.

  • Improved performance
  • New chat
  • Customizable menu
  • Automated workflows
  • Smart processes
  • Mobile calendar
  • Dark theme

Improved inventory management

We’ve made it easier for you to manage stock balance and track inventory items, especially from your smartphone.

  • Choose between two methods: FIFO (first-in first-out) and average cost
  • New reports: gross profit and gross margin
  • Improved inventory management in mobile app

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