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Exceed Performances and compliance Expectations through Robust Health. Care Solutions. Gain total peace of mind by leveraging technology to meet HIPAA compliance requirements with ease.

As healthcare organisations continue to grow, regulatory requirements are becoming more and more challenging to meet. Furthermore, healthcare organisations are being tasked with achieving both quality patient care and significant cost reduction. They must continuously focus on enhancing patient safety and transparency through better collaboration and communication between doctors and patients.

In order to do so, leading healthcare organisations often rely on leveraging business technology. Our financial management solution was designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare organisation. Take advantage of our solution to help meet evolving compliance requirements, minimise clinical errors and increase overall productivity.


With our powerful financial management solution, healthcare organisations can:

  • Exceed compliance requirements using a HIPAA and HITECH compliant solution certified by Sword and Shield
  • Centralise financial processes across multi-locations to eliminate financial data silos
  • Provide better patient care using collaboration in order to make informed and prompt decisions regarding treatments plans
  • Manage all policies and procedures including member benefits, claims and enrolments more efficiently
  • Streamline core healthcare processes including patient registration and medical record management

Heptagon can help your healthcare organisation adapt to changing compliance requirements with our multiple partners. HIPAA compliant cloud accounting solution, you can be confident in the security and performance of our certified solution. Take advantage of automation tools to perform instant consolidations, gain visibility across business lines, and improve staff productivity. Our software's solutions helps you centralise control of your organisation, improve accuracy in reporting, and focus on what really matters- your patients. 

Healthcare industries

Learn More About the Healthcare Industries We Serve

Senior Living 

Discover how your senior living facility can seamlessly manage multiple locations and streamline operational tasks to enhance patient care.

Medical Premises 

Leverage business technology solutions to meet HIPAA compliance needs, maximise confidentiality, and improve patient safety for your medical office.

Let Us Do the Work So You Can Put Your Patients First 

The trusted solution for the healthcare industry, learn how our solutions will help you being more secured, work efficiently together with your staff and avoid data leaks. All that by maintaining high GDPR expectations.

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