In today’s competitive market, it’s difficult to predict the success rate of a Biotechnology company. 

Success in the Biotech industry heavily relies on meeting compliance and getting your product to market on time in order to gain a competitive advantage. 

As market conditions continuously change, manufacturers are under pressure to introduce new products faster than ever. These products must be both high quality and affordable, in order to satisfy customer’s needs. In order to achieve these goals and become successful, organisations must leverage top-notch Biotech technology solutions.

Today’s Biotech companies need a responsive infrastructure that will provide real-time information to improve overall business performance. 

Our Biotech accounting solution package provides companies with the tools they need to maintain compliance standards, eliminate manual errors, track all product costs, and increase efficiency. Real-time operational reporting allows Biotech companies to navigate the complex compliance and processing needs of the industry. Additionally, it ensures stability as the company grows. 

Heptagon Group technology solutions and financial management software enables Biotech companies to efficiently manage customer needs while simultaneously boosting the bottom the line. 


Maintain strong access and authentication controls and meet compliance requirements 

Capture the cost of expiration and recalls to help tighten production planning 

Utilise procurement workflows and relationship management for vendors 

Manage spend through flexible workflows and robust reporting capabilities 

Measure the costs associated with new product development, including labour costs, to more efficiently price your product after research and development is complete 

Learn how your organisation can overcome compliance challenges and introduce new products faster than ever.

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