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Explore the Technology and ERP Solutions. Built for Manufacturers. Streamline manufacturing processes and enhance warehouse management to achieve operational excellence. 

Today’s manufacturers are always looking for ways to streamline business processes, break down barriers to growth, improve their supply chain, and enhance inventory management. Manufactures need an efficient ERP solution in place that will rapidly fulfil customer demands and keep pace with industry trends.

Heptagon’s manufacturing ERP software is a flexible solution designed for manufacturers that is easy to use, deploy and maintain. It is designed around the unique operational needs of the manufacturing industry and can easily overcome growth and scalability challenges.

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With a solid software, manufacturers have the support to tackle complex regulation requirements. Additionally, they have the capability to streamline warehouse management, custom make-to-order manufacturing, and mixed-mode manufacturing. Our manufacturing software partners significantly enhances collaboration, responsiveness, simplicity, and mobility that today’s manufacturers are looking for.

Improve operational visibility of front office, warehouse and manufacturing plant floor
Optimise demand management and inventory control for strong cost saving capabilities
Maintain strong relationships and meet customer demands by putting your customers at the centre of your business
Use lean methodologies to improve lead times, reduce waste, and enhance customer satisfaction
Promote tighter collaboration throughout the supply chain to maximise operational efficiency
Streamline order processing while improving accuracy through the Product Configuration

Who we can help

Aerospace & Defence

Discover how Aerospace & Defence manufacturers can overcome strict regulations and meet traceability requirements with ease.

Fabricated Metals

Metal Fabrication Manufacturers are turning to ERP software solutions to overcome production challenges and enhance reporting capabilities.

Medical Devices

Medical Device manufacturers can cost effectively manage compliance and quality issues while improving the bottom line with our ERP software solution.


Learn how automotive manufacturers can continue to innovate as demographic preferences shift and the industry continues to experience growth.

Furniture & Fixtures

Furniture and Fixtures manufacturers can gain greater visibility and control of their operations with cloud accounting solutions.

Rubber & Plastics

Discover the proven solution for rubber and plastics manufacturers that will manage materials, maximise production, and increase profitability from one centralised platform.


The chemical industry can leverage business technology solutions in order to optimize formula management and control pricing volatility.

Industrial Machinery

Discover how your industrial machinery organisation can manage complex engineering requirements to achieve operational excellence with robust technology solutions.

Measuring devices

Measuring Devices manufacturers can utilise ERP software to ensure operational efficiency from production to shipment.

Electronics & High Tech

ERP solutions enable High Tech and Electronics manufacturers to focus on reducing costs and maximising efficiencies.

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Discover Advanced Software Designed for Manufacturers. Transform the way you do business across all departments and throughout your supply chain. With our solutions, you can seamlessly manage the complexities of manufacturing and strict regulatory requirements to maximise your profitability.

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