Dominate the eCommerce Space with Powerful business Management software. Transform the buying experience for your customers. As shoppers continue to buy online, businesses are launching eCommerce sites to reach more customers and remain competitive. As shoppers continue to buy online, businesses are launching eCommerce sites to reach more customers and remain competitive. By leveraging eCommerce technology solutions, businesses can easily integrate with innovative platforms to help compete with others in the marketplace. Rather than manually entering business orders and tediously updating information in spreadsheets, our software solution optimises ordering processes and streamlines shipping and delivery processes so your business can focus on driving growth.


  • Increase customer satisfaction by giving them the ability to view their recent order status and track shipments
  • Process credit card transactions securely with PCI Compliance
  • Utilize omnichannel capabilities to handle phone orders, in-store orders, website orders, and wholesale orders
  • Enable your vendors and customers to share electronic data interchange (EDI) documents with you
  • Manage vendor relationships by capturing vendor details and predicting product lead times

Heptagon’s eCommerce multi software delivers a centralised view of your e-commerce business. You’ll have access to real-time order status, inventory visibility, shipment status, and profitability by product and location. Our powerful accounting solution gives you the capabilities to provide your customers with make-to-order customisation options and offer discount prices for different customers in various segments. Additionally, you can track past trends and forecast future demand and sales growth. Together, we can create an innovative customer experience that sets your brand apart and drives growth.

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  • Heptagon CRM Implementation is one of the top serviced. It allows you to be in control of your eCommerce business. Our team will monitor, manage and secure your network and devices across your business, ensuring operations run seamlessly. Efficiently prepare your eCommerce business for the unexpected by proactively protecting your data from potential threats.

Scale your eCommerce Business with us - discover how you can stay ahead of the curve and transform the buying experience for your customers.

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