Non-profits are often forced to overcome tight budget constraints, a resource shortage and a lack of overall visibility. Moreover, the inability to keep up with demands from donors or shareholders and the lack of access to timely information set your mission back. Today’s non-profits are utilising innovative technology solutions and accounting software to diversify funding streams, centralise control of their organisation, and spread their mission far and wide.

How can we put hours back into your day? Heptagon provides a top-notch Non-profit accounting software solution that can help you overcome the day-to-day challenges non-profits face.

Most importantly, our solution gives you more time to focus on what really matters- your mission. Make a Lasting Impact for your Non-profits Organization.


Automating operational processes to maximise time and resources. Managing funding and grants to ensure complete financial transparency. Automation can help charities to take care of the simple, but laborious, admin jobs too, freeing up staff to focus on the increasing demand for help.


Eliminate time consuming and error-prone manual reporting. Make smarter decisions & achieve sharper processes to deliver greater social impact. Power your whole mission with one platform. Get Started Today. Personalized Messages -Run More Efficiently. Digital Fundraising - Raise More Resources. Measure Your Impact.


Automate workflows and approvals, consolidations, and support for multiple currencies, entities and locations. Put Your workflow on autopilot and let automations do the manual labor for you. Start Now! Hit the ground running with several pre-made workflow templates to choose from. Start Now! Due dates reminders. Automations -  Automate your workflow. Create a visual platform.


Meet global and local compliance requirements:

  • suitable health and safety arrangements in place.
  • first aid, fire safety and digital safety policies that everyone understands.
  • welfare, discipline and whistleblowing policies for staff if you have them.
  • a complaints process for users and others with concerns.

Non-profit Industries We Serve


Utilise advanced financial management so your organisation can focus on furthering your ministry and strengthening your community.


Leverage automation and effectively allocate your resources to maximise your impact on students.


Discover how to seamlessly manage members while building lasting relationships to increase retention rates.


Discover how technology solutions can simplify reporting and streamline fundraising processes to help your organisation spread stewardship.

Discover how you can automate business processes and gain real-time insight into your entire organisation so you can devote your most valuable resources to maximising your mission.

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